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the deluded informer
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October 26th, 1998 -Issue 2, Version 1- [past articles]
Corporations take over the world
In a strange twist of fate, control of the world has been assumed by various different corporations. The Deluded Informer has been warned that we should not fear, for life will continue, nearly as before.MORE:
Right: Freedom as we know it has disappeared, forever.
Mushroom Cloud

Schools computer lounge filled with 'Dweebs'
Grand River High School's computer lounge has been filled with ‘dweebs' recently, according to Timothy Gailwither and Gerald Praise, two students of ill repute. They were alarmed by the odd assortment of freaks, losers, and ‘weirdos', especially since they were forced to share living space with them.MORE:
Right: Dweebs have been known to use computers frequently.

Study determines "Oxygen is Poisonous"
A study at Harvard Medical School has determined that oxygen, an element making up 17% of the world's air, is "poisonous". A notice has been issued by the American Medical Association, warning people "not to breathe".MORE:
Right: Scientists are urging us to hold our breath, indefinately, for health reasons.

Marilyn Manson pregnant: Bill Clinton Suspected
As reported in yesterday's New York Times, Satanic glam rocker Marilyn Manson is pregnant: the father appears to be none other than Bill Clinton. The stunning revelation was revealed to a shocked America, yesterday, in a press conference. Reporters have already dubbed the scandal "Mansongate".MORE:
Right: Marilyn Manson will soon be a proud mother (father?)
Marilyn Manson

Commentary:Babies make great stew!

Survey:Are chevys really "like a rock"?

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