-The Deluded Informer, 1st Issue, Second Edition. [access our archive]
Delusions of Grandeur? Never!

Yes, just as a body tends to float to the surface weeks after the death is long forgotten, the Deluded Informer is Back!

Yes, we are beginning to "bi-weekly-publish" again. Submissions are being solicited. Of course, same terms as before. You are unpaid chattel and we don't make any money off the site. As soon as we start making some money, we'll talk about paying you damned capitalists.

What you do get is in on the most seminal webzine ever...we inspire grins, frowns, smirks, and looks of hatred in people. We have been named "Canadian Cool Site of the Day" a few years back. (Check google.com if you don't believe me). We are the best thing since sliced Onion. And we have balls. Oh yeah. Big Brass Balls that would scare away giants.

So if you want to be published, send your work. We promise not to laugh and point.

-Philip J. Shearing
Editor-in-Chief of the Deluded Informer and general, all around wiseass

P.S. I'll reply to everyone who submits. But some of you will end up on the chopping block. Hey, what can I do? Publish some vagrant from down the street? You have to shoot from the hip to write for the Informer.

Quotes regarding our return:
"I told you the Bush administration would fuck things up!" Dave Boopes, Interior Decorator.

"Where's my advil? I've got a headache the size of a howler monkey's anus." Dan Themen, Construction Worker.

"Isn't the Onion better?" Julia Bob, Homemaker.

"They're (sic) goes hope for humanity... " Carl Murray, after 5 years of College.

("Can we use that quote for the issue, Carl? We think it would be funny.") "Sure... why not... as long as it's not used AGAINST ME you asshole!" Carl Murray, after 5 years of College.

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Old Dirty Bastard
Editor Philip Shearing wants YOU to prevent forests.

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