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-The Deluded Informer, Thursday October 15th-
Commentary: I want to get in her pants

By Dan Milton:I want to get in her pants Just look at her. Mmm. That ass is so hard, you could use it as a breadboard. I wish I could see what it looked like in its natural state

What I wouldn't do to have THAT in my bed, even just for one night. Christ! She's so hot, my eyes are burning! Ouch! Hurt me, baby. Take it nice and slow.

She's got an ass that won't quit. Did you see her giggle at me? I think she wants to come over and talk. I bet she really thinks I'm cool.

Step over my way, baby, and I'll show you how its done. Yes, I am wanting you.

Are those space pants baby? Cause your ass is out of this world. Those look good on you but they'd look better on my bedroom floor. Grrr. You're too cute.

Oh my lord, call me an ambulance. I'm having a heart attack. I'm going into convulsions. I think I swallowed my heart.

Please baby, don't wear these clothes anymore. I just can't concentrate. Oh my God, I want her this instant! I wonder if she has a boyfriend

Walk this way, baby. Turn me on. Thats right, bend just a little to the left. No, no, my left. Thats it. Now arch your back a little. Mmm.

Damn... She is fine. I want to get in her pants.

Major Chick
I want her so bad, it hurts.

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