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Hypermart doesn't want us!!

Hello, my Deluded readers. I am sorry to report that our ship has sprung a whole host of leaks and we are being forced to abandon this domain name. Hypermart is becoming a capitalist whorehouse with no morals and they've demanded monthly payments to keep this domain afloat.

So, since I'm poorer than an unemployed organ grinder (It's a living!), we are leaping over to our friends at Tripod, where the wine is free and the streets are paved with lithium.

If you'd rather read something that has a lick of sense, check out Jeremy Brendan--My Life as a Reptile. He is a former employee of the Deluded Informer but we were forced to fire him due to his drunken escapades. Even so, some of his writing is decent, dare I say good? (That is a matter of opinion!) Click on over if you're into "Unfettered personal journalism about politics, music, culture and anything else that matters".

So, in case you were busy cleaning your monitor and weren't paying attention, click here to be redirected to the new URL of the Deluded Informer. And don't say I didn't warn you. (Warning: we don't update any more so you're just looking at the remains of the fiercest competitor to the Onion out there!)

-Philip J. Shearing
Editor-in-Chief of the Deluded Informer and Anti-Vegan extremist

Old Dirty Bastard
Editor Philip Shearing has really small hands but freakishly large feet.

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